Anaga Hike- Benijo

This hike in the Anaga Mountains in Tenerife takes you from Benijo, via a coastal road, to the remote hamlet of El Draguillo. From here we make a steep climb to get a beautiful view of the area.

4,95 km | 2,5h – 3,5h | 400 altimeters

Starting in Benijo

This tour starts in Benijo, a small beach village in the north of Tenerife. Benijo beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in Tenerife. The large rocks of Roque Benijo and Roque La Rapadura that lie off the coast provide a spectacular view.

Benijo, like all villages in the Anaga Mountains, is far from the major tourist resorts. As a result, you will mainly see locals who enjoy a day off at the beach. Finding a place to park can be difficult during sunny weekends. Therefore try to come during the week or when it is less sunny. Since the hike has 400 vertical meters and involves a steep climb, it is not recommended to go on a warm, sunny day anyway.

The walk starts on the dirt road behind the restaurant El Frontón.

The dirt road to El Draguillo

Follow the Pista al Draguillo until you arrive in the hamlet. The coastal road along the steep rocks is about 2 km long. From here you have a nice view of the Roque Benijo and Roque La Rapadura, two large rocks that lie in front of the beach of Benijo. In the distance you can also see the Roques de Anaga. The same rocks that you can see from the walk to the Faro de Anaga.

In El Draguillo you end up at a kind of junction for hiking trails. From here you can also walk further to the lighthouse. However, we take the path up the mountain and start our short but vigorous climb. The climb is less than a kilometer long but has a height difference of almost 300 meters. So, be sure to take the time to enjoy the beautiful nature while climbing.

Once at the top, you come to a fork. From here you can walk further to Chamorga. We follow the Camino del Hediondo mountain trail to the right up to the large boulder that overlooks the valley. On the way you can come across a small wooden gate. This is there to keep the mountain goats that graze around here together. Watch out for the rusty nails that hold the planks together. For those who want a beautiful view of the valley of El Draguillo, you can climb the rock from the trail. On top, the surface is relatively flat.

Descent to Benijo

To get back to Benijo, follow the mountain path for about 2 km downwards. On the way you can meet the mountain goats. If it hasn’t rained for a while, the ground can be quite sandy. So pay attention when descending. After an hour you will arrive back in Benijo.