COVID-19 / Corona virus travel information for Tenerife

The Corona virus has a major impact on tourism in Tenerife. In this handy overview we provide you with more information about the current security measures:

Note: We try to keep this page up to date with the latest travel information about Tenerife. However, due to the rapidly changing situation, this page may not always contain the latest information. Always visit the Foreign Affairs website for the latest travel advice about Spain.
Last update: August 28

Tenerife is open

Since June 21, 2020, Tenerife, like the rest of Spain, once again welcomes tourists from certain European countries.

Before you depart

Be sure to check out the travel advice for the Canary Islands on the Foreign Affairs website:

Fill in the travel document

Anyone traveling to Spain from abroad is required to fill in a health form. You can do this via the website of Spain Travel Health.

The form consists of 2 parts:

  • Personal contact information
  • Health information

In the personal information section, they will ask for your contact details, your ID-card number, and your flight number. You can fill this in a few days in advance. After this you will receive an email with a link that will become active 48 hours before arrival. With this link you can fill in part 2 of the form: Your health information.

They will especially ask for your health information if you have had symptoms of covid-19 in recent weeks. Or if you have recently traveled to risk areas where there are currently many new cases of the coronavirus.

When the form is completed, you will receive a QR code. Print it or save the code on your phone. There is also an app available for Android and IOS that makes it easier to request and manage the QR codes.

This QR code will be checked upon arrival at the airport. Your temperature will also be measured. It helps to take your glasses and headgear off for a smooth check.

Rules regarding Corona on Tenerife

To limit a new outbreak of Corona, the general rules of social distance and hygiene also apply in Tenerife. These are the following:

  • Keep 1.5 m away from others
  • Handgels are available in all shops / restaurants …
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Wear a face mask if the social distancing-rule cannot be kept

The latest safety measures:

Since August 28:

  • Wearing a face mask is also mandatory in the workplace.
  • Bars and restaurants are required to close down at midnight.

Since August 4:

Since August 4, the Canary Islands government has revised security measures:

  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory in all covered places that are accessible to the public. Even if the safety distance of 1.5m can be maintained.
  • Outside, wearing a face mask is mandatory everywhere where the distance of 1.5m cannot be kept. Walking and exercising is therefore still possible without a mask if you avoid the masses.
  • A face mask is also mandatory on public transport, airplanes, boats and in tour buses and taxis.
  • A face mask is also mandatory in restaurants and bars when walking around. Once you sit down, you can take off the mouth mask. Eating and drinking is quite difficult otherwise 😉
  • Groups at a table in restaurants and bars may consist of no more than 10 people.
  • Operators of shops and other public services are now obliged to indicate the safety distance for their visitors. For example by stretching a ribbon or by sticking stickers on the floor.

Furthermore, the local safety measures still apply. These are usually indicated by an information board that has also been translated into English.

Walking is a good relaxation to avoid the crowd. View our overview here.

Upon return

Be sure to check the foreign affairs website for the latest obligations when you return from Spain.