Volcano hike – Montaña Negra

This hike in the Chinyero National Park on Tenerife will take you from La Montañeta via a forest path to the Montaña Negra. A volcano that almost completely wiped the village of Garachico off the map in 1707.

Montaña Negra Drone image

9,33 km | 3h – 4h | 330 altimeters

Starting place

This tour starts at the chapel of San Francisco de Asís in La Montañeta. Parking spaces are available on the other side of the road. If there is no space here, you can also park uphill where the TF-373 and the path to the Arenas Negras camping site meet. For those who prefer a quiet walk but would like to drive on unpaved roads, you can follow the forest path towards the Arenas Negras. This camping site should have enough space to leave your car so you can just do the tour around the volcano. The forest road is in bad shape in some places, which means that small city cars can suffer here.

Walk through the woods

In the parking lot at the San Fransiscus chapel there are arrows that indicate the start of a forest path. Follow this path and after a climb of about 300 m the path will cross with the TF-373. It is not really signposted but you can cross the road here and continue walking through the forest. After 150 m, the forest path intersects with the road that leads to the Arenas Negras camping site. Here you have the choice to follow that road by going to the right. Those not afraid of some adventure and a spider web or two can follow the route further through the forest. Again it is not really signposted and it can be quite steep in places, but the flat-walked surface will lead you the way. After a half-kilometer climb, you will find yourself back on the road to the camping site. It runs through the forest until you arrive after about 20 minutes.

Around the volcano

Follow the forest path up until you reach an ash plain. From here you have a beautiful view of the Montaña Negra, the Black Mountain. Follow the landscaped path around the volcano. At some point, the ash plain turns into a real lava field. This requires some light climbing, but for those who have made the walk to the top, this will certainly not be a problem. After half an hour you will return between the trees. Continue to follow the forest path until you finally reach the Pista Canal de Vergara. From here you have a beautiful view of both the Montaña Negra and the Pico del Teide. Follow the path next to the Canal de Vergara aqueduct for 1.2 km until you reach the next forest. Here is a signpost that will lead you back to the Arenas Negras camping site.

From here you can take the same way back through the forest to La Montañeta.

Montaña Negra Drone image